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Null Apostle

by Bridge Burner

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Introducing 'Null Apostle', the crushing new release from Auckland’s Bridge Burner; a genre-defying plunge into pure heaviness propped up by a backbone of white-hot aggression.

While the band cite Botch, Godflesh and Gorguts as large influences, their tar-doused sound seems a far and unique fling away from these three. Null Apostle forces listeners into a thick mire of deep ear-shattering tones, fluctuating between heavy rhythm and grind driven riffs – never relaxing for a second.

Null Apostle wastes no time in cementing itself as a strong contender for metal album of the year. The sheer musical diversity of the record spans across genres like black metal, math, crust punk and more, coming together like a Frankenstein’s monster of aggressive music.

It’s truly one of the most challenging, evil sounding releases of 2018 – made even more impressive that it’s come from our neighbours in New Zealand.


released May 31, 2018

Vocals: Ben C. Read
Guitars: Josh Hughes
Drums: Cam Sinclair
Bass: Gary Brown

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Cam Sinclair

Artwork by Alex Eckman-Lawn

Guest vocals on Keelhauler by Jelena Goluza (Outright)
Guest vocals on Cultfathers by Tali Williams (Human Resource, DIAL)


all rights reserved



Bridge Burner Auckland, New Zealand

Illness and loathing.

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Track Name: The Blood Easily Follows
Cast down myself, the lesser man
For I know just who I am
Laboured motion worthless, whether blood or breath
The ringing echoes from where I began

Fingertips that smear filth between us
The love that ebbs from dotted line
We all know the blood easily follows
The throbbing rapture, the piteous divine

Kaleidoscopic failure
Abstract and abject
Track Name: The Blood Never Lies
The faintest scent of sick and distant iron taste
There was never going to be another way
Reborn into greying muck, among the earthen waste
Atrophic hands and gnawed fingers start to shake

Skullen fluids into empty soil
Black hole manifestations
The core collapses on itself
The granular decomposes
As the burning digits flex

Fractured thoughts begin to spiral
Peripheral shocks begin to creep
One last blow for benediction
A prayer of loathing, on my knees

No redaction in these seconds
The clinging pulse, and threaded diction
Time aches and contracts in violence
Beneath shining skin of labored friction

With swollen knuckles, spread the ribs and climb inside
Swallow and be swallowed
For the vortex shall never lie
Be still
Track Name: Keelhauler
Devil be drowned
Devil be still

Collapse of the straight white hope
Press to the sea, pull taut the rope
Baseline of decency to dirtiest of words
To the depths of shame and salt with the absurd

Follow your rank regurgitations
Again and again, ad nauseam
Into the bowels of the unforgiven
Through split tongue and foulest acrid lung

Entitled mass of swirling shit
Swallow your "dream" and choke on it
With every tear of panicked skin
With pounding heart and seizing lung

This is for them
This is for your own good
This is all you have ever deserved

Your world is dead
Track Name: Witches Alone
Rabid cries howl to acrid moon
Gnashing teeth through the flesh of hearth and home

Ash in the arteries, charcoal heart with no compression
Crimsoned arcs white beneath, rote thought, ingrained obsession
Sweat soaks into leather, self flagellate with dead hand
To never have existed, lash by lash, we understand

Alchemic paths alight once darkened descent in the pitch of night
Ritual besieged, in defiance of natures godless plight

Bind these withered hands, once benign and believed
Tie them tight beneath broken back, among the sweat and grief

This lightless ache shall set ablaze those who will not repent
The bled and blessed to turn to ash of obsolescence

Flames to kiss the now unfettered
Forgiveness licks the tender wound
That seeps beneath the broken rib
The weeping heart, ablaze, impugned

Burnt spirits
Witches alone
Burnt spirits, we
Track Name: Illness And Loathing
Rusted shovel to broken skin
Plunged deep into sodden sin
Trying to return to where I began
Digging deep for the meaning
With the bloodied palms of the damned

Fury fermented within the lowest of ebbs
Haematic annihilation
Nemetic muck within my veins
A worthless god's unloved creation

Enmity lurks within the marrow
With nobody to blame
(Below the surface) the bloated child of each and every ill
Forever whispers my name
It forever whispers my name

“I want you to ache with the guilt
I want you to swallow all blame
I want to show you your true self
Ignoble burden, for shame
Fuck your subtlety and fuck your fragility
Feel the loss and live your futility”

Deeper and deeper
To unearth the way things used to be
The way I used to be
The boy I used to be

Sever the head as I begin to suffocate
Just let me breathe
Gagging on the earthen truths
Please let me breathe
Just let me breathe
I cant fucking breathe
Track Name: Cultfathers
The tainted semen to soil
Bedeviled sons of turmoil
Balled fists of fathers to bring them to spoil
Malleable eyes skyward learn to recall

Corrosive saliva drips from rancid maw
Blurring the vision, shaping the jaw
Guidance and bondage, as is, as before
Ego nulling empathy, wretched and raw

Aren't we all
Free will
In thrall
So empty and obtuse

Open means weakness
Follow obsequious
Silence and oppress
Condemning victims and vile
Insidious, manhood defiled

Generational blight
Virulence unhindered, heart crushed by might
Law of the strong, law of the right
Compassion carrion, stillborn in dead light

Our bonded slaves devour each word
Vibration cancer mimicked, their nature perturbed
Dualism of all ills, loathsome and absurd
From male to male to female (to the unheard)

The toxicity permeates, from mimicry to DNA
The sons of our fathers, the virus, the host
All are to suffer, the unborn, the ghosts
All are to suffer
Track Name: Null Apostle
When the goodness turns to poison
And lines, they permanently etch
Cavernous nausea distills and sighs
Limp ribs groan with every single breath

Monochromatic alleviation
Seeping from these filthy veins
Stripped of every rotten layer
Revealing naught but guilt and shame

Worthless words are all I have
... And they mean NOTHING

Once so sure that I could save you
Now I know I can't even save myself
Worthless apostle dead beneath the water
No purpose, just memories adrift

This is the rawest pain I have ever known
I'll ever know
I hope I'm never found

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